Beauty Products Having Microbeads Should Banned Says Scientists


Beauty Products Having Microbeads Should Banned Says Scientists

The general population these days has totally become paranoid about their health and beauty. This has given a huge opportunity to the beauty experts in the market to launch all sorts of beauty products, without reflecting on the fact that they might not be environmental friendly and can be a cause of serious hazards. Not only are most of these products dangerous for the user itself but also contribute to environmental pollution. Scientists are continuously in search of such hazardous ingredients used in beauty products so they can take necessary steps to ban the respective products from the market. Such a step would be in the best interests of an individual’s health as well as for the safety of the planet.

The Latest Discovery | Microbeads Causing Aquatic Chaos

Products having microbeads are most dangerous for aquatic animals declared by the scientists after several researches, these plastic beads which includes in most of the toothpastes, shower gels, face washes, scrubs and body washes serving the original purpose of exfoliating the skin and removing dead cells, on the other hand, are also responsible for majority of the incidents of water pollution. They are a lethal threat to wildlife residing in the oceans, fresh water and rivers.plastic microbeads in toothpaste

The interaction of the microbeads with environment occurs when we wash our face and body, resulting in drainage of these microbeads and their ending up in the waste water treatment plans from where they find their way into the water bodies such as oceans and rivers around the globe. This happens because these beads are too small to be filtered by the waste plants. Once into the oceans, these microbeads absorb pollutants and the wildlife ingest them, mistaking them for fish eggs or zoo-plankton. The microbeads are composed of hydrocarbons, which are potentially fatal for the living organisms. If humans consume uncooked seafood, chances are that they may be subjected to these hydrocarbons as well. Thus the cycle continues, posing threat to living things as well as polluting the environment.

What can be more upsetting than the realization that you are the sole reason behind all the havoc? This massive global problem has arisen because you were too reluctant to stay away from such hazardous chemicals. This has led the environmentalists to convince the government that any product that is destined to go down the drain shall be devoid of substances that are durable, persistent, toxic and have the potential to accumulate in the environment.


Intensive analysis were carried out and it was found that microbeads in the water beds serve as a house for contaminants and eradicating them from the environment has become a subsequent challenge for environmentalists. Awareness has definitely increased among individuals and efforts are being made to avoid products that contain dangerous microbeads.  The issue has been passed to the federal government of the United States and many laws have been passed to preserve the aquatic wildlife.


The best measure taken so far is the use of bio-degradable plastic instead of the microbeads. Such plastics break down into their constituents in the aquatic environment and thus reduce the risk of plastic pollution in the oceans.   The government still favors ban over use of alternatives such as biodegradable plastics because reports have not revealed a hundred percent success rate with these alternatives. For this reason, all brands that contained micro-beads in their skin care products were banned in the States. This lead to the rapid decrease in their sales and the companies started to suffer financial loss. To overcome this bankruptcy, multinational brands such as IKEA, Body Shop, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and many others started to develop personal care products without the use of micro-beads. Thus the laws passed for the safety of the environment did bear fruitful results and had a positive impact on the society.

Scientists and environmentalists supported the Microbead-Free Waters Act which was passed in early 2015. According to this act, all beauty products containing micro-beads are prohibited from sale.microbeads ban This wave is definitely gaining momentum till date and it is believed that the aquatic environment would be free of this environmental hazard in a few years. The laws, however, does not include products other than personal care which contain micro-beads. Examples include cleaners and polishes which pose an equal threat to the environment. The damage caused by such substances is serious and strict measures have become an obligation. Their ban is the next step towards a healthy environment. The time is not far when the government would claim that micro-beads are potentially toxic to this planet in every form and that its use should be banned in every consumer product manufactured today.

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