Carbonated Water | A Key To Brighter & Glowing Face


Carbonated Water | A Key To Brighter & Glowing Face

If you’re a girl or a woman, you’d definitely know what earns you a standing ovation. Yes, you’re right. A glowing face and nourished skin is the best asset a woman can have to her beauty. We are lucky enough to live in the time where the health and beauty sector has made some astonishing advancements, promoting a beautiful body inside out. As speaking of glowing skin, the market is loaded with a wide variety of cleansers, scrubs and face washes for all skin types but the benefit lies in choosing what is most suitable for your skin. Apart from these synthetic products, natural remedies are also very effective in rejuvenating the skin and providing a glow to it.


As the most famous saying goes “You are what you eat”, it is very evident that your skin reflects your diet. Beauty products alone cannot promote a radiant skin. Instead, to stay healthy inside out, one should consume a diet that is rich in all major nutrients as well as ample vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet combined with beauty treatments or natural remedies is the actual secret behind a healthy, beautiful skin. In addition, plenty of water consumption is necessary to keep the skin supple and hydrated.


The beauty experts in Korea and Japan have discovered a very effective method of cleansing the face without using any harsh, synthetic chemical products. This technique involves washing the face with carbonated water, also sold by the name of sparkling water. As its name indicates very clearly, use of this product does lead to a sparkling skin in no time. It is a very common practice in Asia to either dab the face with carbonated water using cotton pads or soak the whole face in a water bath. Regular use not only nourishes the skin but promotes collagen development, leading to a firm skin texture.


Aestheticians simply love this product because of its non-reacting nature and thus reducing the chances of irritation for any skin type. It is extremely easy to use, hardly takes any time and is easily available in the market. Its bio-friendly label has increased its popularity several fold among the Asian women. Carbonated water has proved to be superior to plain water because it gives a plump appearance to the skin by its skin tightening properties. It strengthens the collagen fibers in the skin layer and halts the rapid aging of the skin. Dermatologists have clinically tested carbonated water and stated that it enhances nutrient and oxygen delivery to all layers of the skin by dilation of the blood capillaries. Adequate oxygen supply makes the skin look younger and fresh.


This products guarantees seven beauty results if used on a regular basis.

  • It brightens the complexion of the skin.
  • It has immense hydrating properties.
  • It exfoliates the dry skin by reducing the pH of the skin.
  • It balances and firms the skin by increasing collagen production.
  • It controls the excessive secretion of sebum, thus preventing acne and breakouts.
  • It cleanses deep into all layers of the skin.
  • It prevents wrinkle formation in old age.


The skin experts were keen enough to use carbonated water as an ingredient in many beauty products which guaranteed to maintain the benefits of carbonated water used alone. The top ones in the market may be sold by the name of Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder, Loveheart Sparkling Powder from Wish Trend, Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder from Peach and Lily, and many others. They are available in powdered form and can be mixed in plain water to deliver the optimum results.

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It’s extraordinarily easy! Just mix one part carbonated water and one part mineral water to prepare the ultimate anti-aging solution. Just immerse your face in the water bath for fifteen seconds and enjoy the feeling of a radiant, revived skin. It is gentle on the skin with hardly any reported side effects.


The strengthening and supporting structure of the skin is collagen which is also the most abundant protein found in body tissues. Carbonated water exerts its major effects on this protein present in the skin and it won’t be wrong to refer to it as an anti-aging miracle. Carbonated water makes use of the effervescence technique which is responsible for clearing the skin of all the dead cells and purifying the pores of dirt and grime. A smoother look is obtained as the oxygen reaches the outermost layer of the skin, reducing the puffiness and black patches and increasing the elasticity of the skin.

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