How To Clean A Hairbrush & Other Hair Tools


How To Clean A Hairbrush & Other Hair Tools

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ver strolled into a someone’s lavatory, grabbed their brush and all of a sudden think, “Is it a birds nest made out of brushwood?” what if somebody tells you that your hair are not in a good condition, I am sure you will be embarrassed by this.

Even the loveliest ladies do not take the time out to clean their hair tools. With the pile of hair nesting in the brush, there is dust, germs, oil, conditioner and lice eggs as well. In short, hair apparatuses especially hairbrushes are whole dirt traps. Also, dirty hair tools stir up the feel of disgust and awe for that matter. With the dirt and germs come the furriness and split ends. Therefore, one should clean out their hairbrush and other hair tools once or twice every week. Cleaning them will definitely change the way their hair looks. For the most, keeping the hair equipment unsullied and hygienic is the key to beautiful hair. It makes the hair longer, gives glossy effect, silkiness and volume. The hairbrushes piled with hairs, excess dirt-bunged blow dryers, oily straighteners cannot only alarm your look but also the strength and shape of one’s hair.

Following easy tips can help to scrub down the curling irons, straighteners, hairbrushes, combs, rollers, and everything that falls under the hair tools.

How To Clean A Hairbrush

Those hairs that hang about in the comb and are even more apparent in the spines of your hairbrush, can be removed by first pulling the hairs away by taking a pencil like thing or comb through the brush. To make matters easier, a scissor can be used to cut off all the tough hair-strands. Make sure the bristles are not damaged by the scissors. After that, run bubble water through the brush and then rinse and clean with a dry cloth or a hair drier. Once one gets all of the stray strands out, wash the brushes with a cleansing or clarifying shampoo then they can either air dry them or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

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How To Clean A Blow-dryer

The blow-dryer might appear to be clean enough from its outlook but germs are present in the less apparent portions or parts of it that may include the back vent. So, the question here arises that how to wrestle the hidden dirt balls?
Some dryers are easy to handle. One can open the back vent or back panel by twisting it. Once it is opened, a simple cotton cloth will work well. It can be sponged and cleaned. But if for some odd reason the opening won’t move then the nozzle part of a vacuum can be used to suck up all the dust and filth.

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How To Clean Combs

Combs are the most frequently used hair tool. This means this accumulates the excessive amount of dirt like oil and germs every day. Whether one uses it daily or just once in a while, it still gets a lot of hair stuck in the teeth which are obviously not so clean.
In order to really get rid of the filth that dawdles on it, one should dip them in warm water that has shampoo in it. Then it can be effectively washed and dried. For the removal of mushy stubborn buildup that’s still there afterwards, a mixture of vinegar and warm water will do wonders. Just by drenching a little amount onto the comb and rinsing, the leftovers will be removed.

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How To Clean Curlers & Flat Irons

The dirt buildup on the curling or the flat iron can be removed by rubbing down the rods, plates or barrels with a microfiber cloth and some water. Also, by dabbing a cotton ball in water, one can reach to the gaps. For twisting irons, the clamps need to be cleaned thoroughly. One last and important tip to remove hard buildup is by cleaning the barrels or the tool on the lowest possible heat setting. For protecting the hands from heat, one must not forget to wear gloves.
Rollers and plastic rollers can be treated in the likewise manner of combs and brushes. First, soak them in water and cut the hair strands, and then run the sponge down for clarifying the dirt. Moreover, vinegar solution can also be used to get rid of excess dirt.

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Hair Accessories Or Fixtures

To have pretty clean and evergreen hair fixtures such as bobby pins, pin ringlets, clamps, catchers, hair bands, ponies and numerous other hair clips can be dipped or drenched in a scrubbing or clarifying shampoo mixture with Luke warm water. Then rinse water through it and dry under the fan in order to prevent rusting.

Therefore, mentioned tips would surely make hair tools dirt free and you guilt free!

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