5 Amazing Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Hair


5 Amazing Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Hair

Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Hairs

What is Tamanu Oil / Tamanu Nut Oil?

Tamanu oil is considered as the best hair as well as skin tonic. For centuries, it has been used for skin healing and also for hair growth. Basically, it is extracted from the nut kernels in Tamanu tree.  After processing of nut kernel, manufacturers turn it to Tamanu oil.

Apart from the skin and hair treatment, it can also be used for several purposes such as cosmetics but if you are concerned about your hair loss and want hair growth, Tamanu oil for hair is the best herbal treatment for you.

For your more understanding, we have collected some scientific information related to Tamanu oil.

The origin of the Tamanu oil is from Vanuatu which is situated in South pacific. The scientific name of Tamanu is Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil while the product classification is wild harvested. The extraction of Tamanu oil is done through cold pressed or unrefined or virgin. The overall shelf life is 24 months or 2 years.

Why Tamanu Oil is best for Hair Growth?

As aforesaid, it has been used for centuries. It is an ancient tonic which is often used for hair growth. On the internet, there are lots of positive reviews that enabled the sufferers to believe that this is a good alternative of traditional medicines.

5 Benefits of Tamanu Oil for hair

1. Overcome Hair Dry Issue

If your hairs are dry and seems to be damaged, try to use Tamanu oil. It will not cure overcome the issue of hair damage but also helpful for you to fix the hair dry issue. The oil goes into the deep roots of hairs and naturally fix these issues. As compare traditional medicines, the main plus point of the Tamanu oil is that it is a natural herbal and it will not cause you any side effect.

2. Best Hair Conditioner

Tamanu oil hair is also a best hair conditioner. It is a natural hair conditioner that will make your hair moisturized and nourished. The main procedure of using Tamanu oil is that you will have to take few drops oil in the container and apply it on your hair very gently. Leave it for at least for some hours and after that wash your hairs with mild shampoo. Your hairs will be silkier and shiny as compare to previous ones.

3. Fix your Split Hair Issue

It is often seen that people suffer from the split hair issue (two ended hair). Now again, Tamanu oil is best solution of this problem. Use this oil at the end nodes of the hair where the split starts. After some period of time, the two ended hair problem will be resolved. One more thing, always try your best to trip your hairs for every three months.

4. Avoid Hair Loss

Hair loss is another major problem for many people. If you are suffering from hair loss, use Tamanu oil for hair loss. Take few drops of oil in your palm and warm it. After that, apply it on your hairs scalp and also on locks. Leave it for few hours and after that wash your hairs with mild shampoo. This technique will help you to fight against unnecessary hair loss and also helpful for your hair growth. Remember, don’t forget to condition your hairs.

5. Make your Hairs Thick

Likewise, hair loss, having thin hairs is also a big problem. In fact, it is an alarming notification because thin hairs issue will usually lead to hair loss problem. Do not worry, if you are experiencing this problem. What you need is that you will have to use Tamanu oil regularly and preferable massage. Use your fingers in order to massage the scalps. Do it easy and gently and avoid harsh massage. Otherwise, it will lead to hair damage. After one hour, wash your hairs with shampoo. Regular practice will definitely make your hairs thick as well as silkier.

Hope so these Tamanu oil hair tips will help you to overcome your hair problem. Remember, change will not happen in overnight. It will definitely take some time and after that you will enjoy the fruits of Tamanu oil.

Note: This is our research based content in which we did lot of research and find some major Tamanu oil benefits for hair. But this is our not final recommendations. Contact your family physician to help you out. If he/she suggest you this solution, then feel free to use it for your hairs.

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