Best Health Blogs 2017 You Should Follow | Top Health Blogs


Best Health Blogs 2017 You Should Follow | Top Health Blogs

Best Health blogs 2017

Health is the most important asset for us. If health is good, everything is good. But sometimes we need health tips from credible persons and sources so that we can live healthy. In this regard, we have compiled a list of best health blogs from the top health blogs so that you can get latest and most helpful health tips.

To make things easy for you, we categorized following health blogs into different categories. So, explore the list according to your interest.

Best Health Blogs in 2017

In this category, you will find some of the best health blogs which are operated by news sites.

1. Reddit Health Blog

Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking website where they get thousands of hits every day. They have hundreds of categories where people usually share discuss different topics according to their interests. Apart from other categories, they have also allocated a separate blog for health. You can easily explore several discussions on it which might be helpful for you.

2. NYC Health Blog

The New York Times is basically a news website but they also allocated a special blog for health.

3. The Washington Post – To Your Health Blog

If you are concerned about latest health news and trends, regular visit this blog to stay updated.

4. WebMD

It is another great health blog where you can get credible health and medical information.

5. NPR – Shots Health News

Like other famous news websites, NPR also start a health blog for their beloved audience.

6. Time – Health Section

You can get the largest health news and trends from Time. Keep visiting their blog to stay updated.

7. Cisco Health

They focused on digital health topics.

8. Hello Healthy by My Fitness Pal

This is another great platform for health conscious people. In Addition to that, they have some health tools that will help you to stay healthy.

9. The Atlantic Health Section

They not only publish health news but also critical health analysis.

10. Harvard Health Blog

Everyone knows about Harvard. In fact, they are well reputed brand in the field of academia. That’s why they started this blog to educated online readers. You can find here all types of health related tips as well as medical information.

Best Mental Health Blogs 2017

This category especially dedicated to Mental health. Following blogs only share information about mental health information which will surely help the readers who are concerned about mental health.

11. Mental Health Blog by

This blog is especially dedicated to psychology and mental health. Furthermore, they have more than 250 resources which is greatly helpful for the health information seekers.

12. Healthy Minds Canada

It is a best mental health blog in Canada. Basically, it is a charitable health organization which have completed 400 health related projects. So, it is a good platform for finding tips which directly came from research.

13. Women Mental Health Blog

Women usually get disturbed due to domestic issues. Need some tips about mental stuff, subscribe their blog for future updates.

14. Mental Health by

This is another great blog for mental health conscious people. They regularly share mental health tips for women.

Top Women Health Blogs

Just like mental health blogs, there are some blogs which are completely focused on women health. If you are looking for women health related tips, explore the following list.

15. Health BlogHer

For women, this is one of the best health blogs for health. Especially those who are concerned about weight loss, dieting, wellness, fitness and pregnancy, you can easily read the relevant information.

16. Healthista

It is one of the top and best health blogs UK where you can advance tips and advices.

17. Women’s Health Association

For kinds of women health needs, this blog will be greatly helpful for you.

Child Health Blogs 2017

Health is also very important for Children. To keep your kids healthy, you should be well versed with latest health news, trends and tips. To help you in this matter, we have collected some top health blogs for children.

18. Growing Up Healthy

You will get all parenting resources here so that you can create awesome family environment.

19. Cincinati Children Blog

On this platform, you will read awesome family stories, tips and advice about pediatric health.

20. Children’s Hospital Wisconsin Blog

Wisconsin Hospital Blog is specifically dedicated for children’s health because children’s are important for everyone.

Soon we will update our list and add more best health blogs in 2017.

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