Kissing Your Pet Is Safe or Not?


Kissing Your Pet Is Safe or Not?

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Every second house on this planet owns a pet, either they have a dog or a cat. Many people are just crazy for their pets that they love them more than their kids. Girls are usually extra crazy about cats. They have two or three cats in their home which sleep on the same bed, eat on the same table and above all use the same washroom. Like really? Moreover, whenever we enter our home we whistle at our pet and it comes to us with a wagging tail, we lunge down and give them a kiss. People treat their pets like their baby. You will see many of them playing with their cats and dogs and kissing them all the time. Have you ever thought for a minute that is it safe to kiss your pets, after all you are a human and your pets are not? However many researchers have taken place, and many myths are there but the truth is that it is not safe to kiss your pets and to justify this statement below mentioned are few facts.
It is usually said the that saliva of a dog contains less amount of pathogens as compared to human but on the other hand it is also said that the mouth of dog contains more amount of pathogens than humans. It is true that your pet loves when you kiss them but you might be unaware from the fact that this single kiss may be a reason of transfer of thousands of bacteria from dog to human.

Infections Or Deadly Diseases

There are many infections that are just caused due to pets like dogs and cats. There are a number of bacteria that are only present in the mouth of dogs, such as Pasteurella. Similarly toxoplasmosis is caused due to pathogens residing in cat.

Many people love when their pets lick them but many people avoid this because they do not want the germs to attack their body. Well, their fear is right because this licking may be a cause of some serious infections which might cause trouble in future. However many infections are treated by using antibiotics but consistent use of the drugs can make the bacteria resistant and may lead to some threatening situations.

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Evident Research

According to a research the plaque was collected from dog’s mouth and it was examined. The results were very shocking that the plaque contained certain harmful pathogens that can lead to severe form of gum disease. Later on this gum disease can cause kidney malfunction and certain heart disorders which include cardiac arrest and stroke. Well the research did not stop here. After this a proper study took place which revealed that three kinds of harmful bacteria are found in a dog’s mouth which are present in less amount in a human’s mouth. These bacteria are as follows;

No matter how neat and clean you keep your dog but you are forgetting that at times you will find him nibbling on waste material. Then once you kiss your pet, all the germs and unwanted messy stuff can enter your body through this kind of contact. In short, if you have got a pet, it is kind of inevitable to stay from these types of contact and transmission of microbes every now and then. But there are some benefits of pet saliva, especially that of the dog. It has been proven through a number of researches that dog’s saliva has healing properties and can promotes the growth of skin cells. It also protects your open wounds from further attack of bacteria. But excess of everything is bad. Keep a limit with your pet interaction and you and your pet will do just fine together.

Precautionary Measure

The only thing we can do is to take all the precautionary measures that we can to stay safe from the diseases and infections caused by the invisible agents being transferred to our bodies through our pets. First and the foremost tip on that is to keep your body, especially your hands clean. You can play with your pet as much as you like and for as long as you want but always make sure to head straight towards the washroom for washing your hands with a good anti-bacterial soap. It will be better if you take a bath and make your pet take a bath too. Especially focus on the paws and claws of your pets and get them cleaned as deeply as possible. Try to inculcate the good habits in your pets so that they don’t poo anywhere anytime. Also make them depend on you for taking them to the toilet from time to time. Don’t let your pets wander around your kitchen or the dining area. Also be sure that your pet is well-vaccinated and free from all the viruses and bacteria by visiting a veterinary doctor regularly. Get their feces examined and also make sure the fur on their body is free from all the lice and ticks. These few steps can help you a great deal in making your relationship with your pet safe and strong.

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