Mint – much more than just a herb!


Mint – much more than just a herb!

As much as the world is taken aback by the medicinal properties of this remarkable herb, mint is far more miraculous than it is given credit for. With over twenty-five species discovered so far, mint is one of the most widely used herbs worldwide both because of its healing wonders and culinary miracles.

This article includes all that you need to know about this magic ingredient of our everyday food and how we can incorporate it in our daily lives in some extraordinary ways. We’ll start the discussion with some of the exceptional benefits of mint leaves which will be followed by tip and tricks to make it an essential ingredient of our lifestyle.


  • Apart from the finger licking mint chutney that adds a significant flavor to every traditional food, mint can do many more wonders that you’re unaware of until now.
  • The addition of mint to the diet cleanses the palate and aids in digestion of food. It is an excellent remedy for inflammation of the digestive tract and is therefore widely used in the culinary arts. Besides, the soothing aroma of the herb makes the food look more tempting.
  • Mint is a naturally occurring anti-emetic that relieves headache and nausea associated with motion sickness.
  • Mint is effective in soothing the respiratory tract and thus is widely used for the relief of congestion, cough, asthma and other respiratory disorders. It is an excellent relaxant of the smooth muscles in the bronchi and restores breathing pattern during respiratory distress.
  • Interestingly, mint oil is effective in relieving nipple cracks and pain that is associated with breastfeeding.
  • It is an amazing blood detoxifier and cleanser.
  • It’s a natural stimulant that activates the serotonin pathways in the brain, indirectly helping to combat depression, anxiousness, fatigue and sluggishness.
  • Mint’s anti-septic and anti-pruritic properties have been used for centuries in treating skin problems like acne, eczema, insect bites and other inflammatory conditions.
  • Mint consumption is strongly associated with increased alertness, enhanced cognitive function and memory retention.
  • Mint has the potential to mobilize the body fats which makes it an excellent weight loss tonic.
  • The strong odor of mint leaves is effective in keeping insects at bay.
  • Mint prevents the release of histamine in the body and thus prevents allergies and rashes.
  • Its germicidal properties have been used since ages to maintain good oral care.
  • Mint leaves are a storehouse of several enzymes that have therapeutic effects on the cancerous cells in the body. Its anti-oxidant properties are enough to halt the survival of oncogenes.
  • Surprisingly, consumption of mint induces sweating. This phenomenon helps in cooling the body and bringing down the temperature in times of fever.
  • Mint tea is proven to increase the pain threshold in the central nervous system thus making the body insensitive to mild pain. This action mimics that of pain killer drugs.


The fact that I have referred to mint as a miracle throughout the article is very well justified. What lies ahead is the question as to how we can avail all these amazing benefits in the simplest ways possible. Don’t worry for we’ve got it all covered in the following discussion.

GARNISHING: A few leaves of raw mint on top of traditional Middle Eastern dishes can boost up the aroma and enhance the flavors several folds. It provides a great texture to salads and side dishes as well.

DESSERTS: Provide your palate an ultimate pleasure with chocolate mint ice-cream or a minty cupcake. It would not only boost your mood but would also indulge you in a heavenly flavor.

DETOX DRINK: Add a few leaves of mint along with lemon and cucumber in a jug of water. Consume it throughout the day to cleanse your blood and activate liver functions.

MINT TEA: Mint and chamomile tea before bedtime can induce a peaceful sleep and cures indigestion, upset stomach and flatulence.

MINT FACE PACK: To revitalize your skin, mix yogurt and crushed mint leaves to make a paste. It would not only help your skin breathe but would give you a healthy glow and help fight acne.

MINT ESSENCE / PEPPERMINT OIL: Inhale the fumes of mint extract or rub a little oil to soothe pain and get relief from headache and motion sickness.

MINT BALM: The strong odor of mint balm relaxes the respiratory musculature and treats asthmatic attacks.

MINT STEAM: If you’re suffering from cold or sinusitis, boil a pot of water with a few mint leaves and inhale the steam to get rid of congestion.

DEODORANTS: Mint leaves are natural body deodorizers that fight bacteria and prevents odor.

MINT REPELLENT: Mint can do wonders to repel ants and other insects from causing you trouble.

ROOM FRESHENER: Growing a mint plant in your room or adding a few drops of mint to your room freshener can keep your home smelling fresh all day long.

MENTHOL: The magic of mint can help soothe sunburns because of its cooling properties.

Grow a mint plant in your veranda to avail the infinite benefits and enjoy the pleasures of a healthy life and a beautiful environment! Cheers.

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