How to Reduce Your Period Pain?


How to Reduce Your Period Pain?

How to reduce Period Pain

Periods knock your doors every month and its obvious it is quite painful. You not only have to bear pain but also have to cover yourself from the friends and family.

Sometimes, it feels quite embarrassing, if it happens in front of someone.

Blood, pampering and blab la……. So, don’t let anyone to say you that hey pamper yourself, your uterus is shedding right now.

Without writing stories, in this article, we are going to reveal most helpful tips and hacks through which you can easily reduce your period pain and you can live without having any kind of fear about period pain.

1. Use Heating Pad to Relieve your Menstrual Cramps

Do you know that heating pads have been used for years for menstrual cramps’ relief and pain? Don’t know?

Yes, it’s true. You can also relieve your menstrual cramps through heating pads.

You may be thinking that you will have to go to the market and buy special heating pads for your menstrual cramps. No, Not at all.

You can easily make your own heating pad at home. Just you need is to find the relevant things in your home.

For example: you can use hundred percent cotton (knee high sock). Once you find it, fill your knee high sock with rice. After that, tie up that sock at the open end and place it for 2 minutes in the microwave oven.

Good News…..! Your heating pad is ready J

2. Arrange Emergency Period Kit

Likewise, first aid kit, arranging emergency period kit is also helpful for you in the period time. Keep your kit in your home every time and whenever you go outside for travel. Keep it with yourself because it can happen at any time. So, it will save your ass.

In this kit, some things you can add such as

  • Sanitary pads
  • Extra undies pair
  • Some chocolates for you sweet tooth satisfaction
  • Relief medicines for menstrual pain

3. Ice Cold to Remove Stains

Getting Stains on your underwear is a gift of your period. It is another paid for female. But this unnecessary gift should be removed as soon as possible. To clean the stain, you need to soak the stained underwear especially the stained area in the ice cold water.  After that, apply tooth paste on it with the help of brush. Wait for some time until and unless it gets dry. Finally, wash it with the best detergent and stain will be disappeared.

4. Eat Well to Overcome Cramps

Food is very important for better health. So, eat well in order to avoid cramps. To overcome cramps, eat bananas because it is full of Vitamin B6 and potassium. It will help you to reduce your muscle cramping. In addition to that, you can eat eggs, seeds, leefy greens and nuts. These foods have lots of rich iron, Omega 3’s, Vitamin b-12 and magnesium.

5. Drink Right, Stay Right in Period Pain

Just like food, drinking right is very important. In the period, avoid coffees and teas because it will cause headache, cramps, mood swings and bloating.

Hope these tips and hacks will help you to reduce your period paid and help to stay happy.

Caution: These tips have been concluded after lots of internet research and don’t take it as our final recommendations. Firstly, discuss your problem with your physician and follow his/her prescription.

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