Sleeping Pills | Beware Of Side Effects


Sleeping Pills | Beware Of Side Effects

Well! Whether Sleeping pills or in other words sleep inducing pills are safe or not?

The dispute has been going on for ages to find about the benefits and side effects of sleeping pills. Everything has a flip side so does these tranquilizers. As every picture has two sides, one is lively and vibrant well other is blue. Sleeping pills have advantages as well as disadvantages it totally depends on the dose that you are taking. Two widely and frequently used classes of sedatives are

• Benzodiazepines
• Barbiturates

These classes have advantages, but the disadvantages cannot be exempted either. Many people who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression or any work-related stress finds these pills as their best friends. These pills can help them have a good night’s sleep thus making their stress and the anxiety fades away. For people suffering from these disorders only finds this way possible to overcome their stress, but they are overlooking the fact that the incessant use of these pills is causing an irretrievable damage to their body. After some time their body will be dependent on these pills and without taking them they will suffer restlessness.

Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Women are more likely to suffer from nervousness, depression, and sleeplessness so they take these medications more than men. However, excessive use of these pills are not recommended because a study attributed that women who were taking these hypnotics on a daily basis had a very high concentration of these drugs in their blood when they woke up. This high concentration could lead to several problems like

– Morning sickness
– Drowsiness
– Impaired thinking
– Vertigo
– Headache

It May Cause Cancer!

Many researchers have also credited that a relation between continuous intake of sleeping pills and an augmented risk of cancer. When the addicts were compared to the non-users it was found that the people who take about ten to twenty pills per years have increased jeopardy of developing cancer.
So it is clearly stated that the cons over-weigh the pros. Some of the eminent cons of the sleeping pills are described below:

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Cons Of Using Sleeping Pills

Many people have become addicted to these pills which later on becomes very difficult to overcome.

Tolerance is developed by the long term use of these pills. A time will come that your body will not respond to these.

For those people who depend on medications for their sleep usually do not have a gratifying sleep. Many people undergo from restiveness and irritation while sleeping

Many symptoms are observed when a person tries to quit these pills. These symptoms include

– Distress
– Fretfulness
– Wakefulness

However, the effects produced by these pills usually do not occur in the early stages. An investigation discovered that a woman who takes these hypnotics for over twenty years showed a reasonable physical decline.

Drug-drug interaction can occur. These drugs can intermingle with the working of with drugs like aspirin, Paracetamol, Salbutamol and even with alcohol.

These drugs are contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women. These hypnotics can easily cross the placental barrier and cause irretrievable damage to the fetus.

People who are suffering from Hepatitis, Asthma, and kidney related issues should avoid these because it makes the situation worst.

Long use of these pills can cause some severe side effects which are as follows:

– Amnesia
– Nausea
– Drowsiness
– Constipation
– Allergic reactions
– Sleepwalking
– Constipation
– Migraine
– Suicide

• The continuous use of these pills can be a leading cause of skin cancer

Restlessness is most likely to occur with the use of these pills due to the presence of anti-histamines.

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Mentioned Above are some of the leading effects that are produced by the sleeping pills. One thing that should be kept in the minds that until and unless you are not recommended by your physician do not take these pills. However, if you still have a strong desire to eat these pills because your insomnia is untreatable then go for some natural sleep-inducing ways like

Set Up A Healthy Routine

– Yoga
– Flip to green tea
– Avoid coffee
– Refrain from smoking

These simple tips will be really useful in the long run because they have no side effects nor your body will be addicted to these. If you really care about your health and your life stop using sleeping pills on a regular basis because you have no idea how dangerous it can become that it might take away your life one day.

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