The Reason You Are Not Loosing Belly Fats


The Reason You Are Not Loosing Belly Fats

[dropcap]If[/dropcap] you’re in the quest to learn about how to lose belly fat fast and permanently, this article would be a perfect read. In two minutes you’d be bestowed with the reality as to why your intense workout regimens are not bearing fruitful results or why you’re still a light years away from your goal of attaining a flat, toned abdomen.




Alpha 2 Receptors

Belly fat is not just loathed because of its negative effects on your overall appearance but it is also despised because of its stubborn nature. Have you ever wondered what makes belly fat so resistant to break down? The answer would be the ratio between alpha and beta receptors for catecholamines that are present on the fat cells.

Catecholamines are the sole chemicals responsible for mobilizing fat cells and they produce extensive lipolysis when attached to the beta receptors on the fat cells. The fat cells in the abdomen and thigh region have huge number of alpha receptors compared to beta receptors and that is why they are the last parts to shed fat and get toned. You aren’t required to starve yourself to death in order to get rid of your ugly bulging tummy. All you need to do is to plan a proper strategy and modify your diet in order to get the required results.


Chances are that you might exercise on a regular basis but still are unable to acquire your dream figure. A bulging tummy does not only look unpleasant from an appearance point of view but it is also the harbinger of worrisome diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular anomalies. No wonder you want to shed that extra weight as quickly as possible but there might be a few reasons that seem to hinder your success rate. On the off chance that you’re starting to feel hopeless about your enormous efforts, you might want to have a look if any of the following underlying issues might be slowing down your pace.

Increasing age slows down the rate of metabolism which causes the extra fat to be stored in the abdomen and hip region. This is something you’re helpless against and all you can do is to reduce your intake of calories.

For women, menopause can be a real setback in their aim of losing a flabby tummy. This is because hormones such as estrogen which was produced in ample quantity before is no more available and thus the body compensates for this change by encouraging fat storage in the abdominal region.

It might sound like an odd connection but your belly fat is directly proportional to your stress. Increased stress and anxiousness leads the body to produce more cortisol which in turn plays the role of precipitating belly fat.

Here comes another unfavorable effect of reduced sleeping hours. Lack of sleep slows down your metabolism and makes your body less prone to undergo lipolysis. Also, your hunger hormones are disrupted which increases your appetite and you embolden yourself towards obesity.

To lose belly fat rapidly you must cut down on your sodium intake as much as possible. Sodium acts as an anti-diuretic and thus retains water in your body, resulting in bloating.

If you’re one of those health freaks who have entirely cut themselves from the fat family, you’re doing the wrong thing. Fats must constitute a major spot in your diet plan. The key lies in identifying the correct fat and the ideal quantity of its consumption. In the right amount, they exhibit anti-inflammatory effect and even slash the excess fat in your abdomen.

You might never be able to attain your desired weight if you’re a big fan of munching Doritos during your lunch break or you grab a can of soda when the heat becomes unbearable. All the processed foods that have gained wide popularity these days are actually the growing menace in the society. They cause your belly to enlarge and do no benefit as far as nutrition is concerned. Besides, having a heavy meal at night is detrimental because the body does not burn calories when you’re off to bed.


High intensity workouts that leave you covered in sweat is not enough to make that belly bulge disappear. Lifting weight is very crucial in order to get the perfect abs and a toned appearance.


You may appear to be perfectly healthy on the outside but there may be some underlying disease that is hindering your ability to lose the shabby flaps of fat. PCOS is one such condition where the increased production of testosterone favors the deposition of abdominal fat. So before you blame your gym machines, get yourself checked by a physician.

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