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8 Reasons May Cause Sudden Aggression In Dogs

Animals like dog are known for their rage and aggressiveness that are counted as their innate characteristics. A barking or ...

How To Survive Dog Attack, Read These 5 Steps

Dogs have been known to be the most faithful creatures on earth till date. This is the biggest reason why ...

Sunscreen A Destroyer Or A Life Saver? | Chemical Vs Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Skin is the chief organ of the human body. It acts as defensive covering and the way one treats it ...

Longer Sittings Hours Associated With Cancer In Women

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ssentially, the term cancer is referred to a group of almost hundred diseases. Cancer is of various types but the ...

Face Strobing – The season’s latest makeup trend

Remember the time when contouring was the hottest trend in the makeup world? Well, not anymore. The courtesy of makeup ...

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