8 Reasons May Cause Sudden Aggression In Dogs


8 Reasons May Cause Sudden Aggression In Dogs

Animals like dog are known for their rage and aggressiveness that are counted as their innate characteristics. A barking or aggressive dog is considered to be a normal one from medical and social aspects. But there can be other forms of aggression that are triggered in dogs due to some strange reasons not known to most of us. These types of aggression are not counted as the normal signs of a canine activity and make most of the people worried about this over-aggressive behavior of their dogs. Many veterinary researchers state that an afraid animal often emits its fear in the form of anger or aggressiveness. So fear can be one of the major reasons behind this issue.

The 8 Reasons Of Sudden Aggression In Dogs

Researches have brought forward many reasons that make sense in contributing towards a dog’s aggressive conduct.

1. Medical Issues

You might not usually know but your pet can be in severe pain sometimes and cannot even convey its feelings properly. Such animals do moan or growl to express their irritability and pain they are experiencing due to the medical issue they are afflicted with. Certain problems in the thyroid gland, tumor formation inside the body, some mental disorder or some sort of traumatic aftereffect can be the medical bases of aggressiveness in the dogs.

2. Excessive Pain

If a dog experiences pain beyond its tolerable limit, it tries to eliminate the factor that causes the pain. Some dog owners are used to intimidating their dogs by beating them with a whiplash or a rod. Some old-fashioned people also brand their dogs on their backs with the heated iron. Keeping your dog chained up 24/7 can also be painful for the animal. All these reasons can make your dog aggressive.

3. Genetic Structure

Dogs with frequently changing moods and high levels of irritability can also have this problem transferred to them through genes.

4. Lack of Freedom

Your dog is your pet and you own all the rights over it. But that doesn’t mean that you have to keep it away from interacting with the nature the way it likes. If you don’t give time to your dog for recreation, you can trigger frustration in your dog that will be vented out on you in the form of an aggressive attack. Moreover if an adequate amount of food is not provided to the animal, this factor can also put you at the mercy of a mad dog.

5. Intense Need of Food

A hungry dog is just like a hungry predator. Dogs get highly aggressive while they are searching for something to eat, especially when they have their target right in front of their eyes.

6. Need of Safety

Dogs protect their property very vigilantly. Anything that intrudes their privacy will be badly attacked. Dogs want no interference with their living space, food or any other thing that they consider their property. Getting near to those things will trigger the aggressive mode of your dog immediately.

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7. Need for Control

If your dog is a social animal and loves staying and moving around with the other canines quite often, then keep a check on what kind of activity is carried out by your dog. There are certain behavioral patterns followed by such social canines when in groups. If these patterns are disturbed, aggression can be the sure result. If your dog is a docile one and doesn’t mind the amount of space or food provided to it, it will be a friendly one among the pack. But if your dog is a dominating one, it will make no compromise on its right and will snatch its needs from the other dogs whenever it finds a chance to do so.

8. Out of Habit

Usually the dogs learn by observation. If any of the above mentioned factors has triggered aggression in your dog ever, it will remember the effects and aftereffects of that situation and will try to bring it to its benefit the next time when the same situation occurs. If a particular situation made your dog aggressive and that aggression brought your dog great benefit, your dog will repeat that behavior for sure.

These Few Factors can be controlled with few simple steps. Just start by consulting a good veterinary doctor and share these peculiar situations with him/her so that he/she can guide you through the matter with some reasonable solutions to the problem. Also take your dog for regular medical checkups and make sure you follow the guidelines given by the specialist strictly. Try taming your dog more affectionately so that you don’t annoy your pet in any way. You can also get assistance of a veterinary behaviorist who can guide you about the tips and tricks of dealing with your aggressive pet tactfully. If you can do some research online and read some relevant material available on the Web, it can help a lot. Finally, just be patient with this problematic situation of your dog because panicking will only irritate both you and your dog. Deal with the matter most professionally for bringing your pet back to its normal life.

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