How To Survive Dog Attack, Read These 5 Steps


How To Survive Dog Attack, Read These 5 Steps

Dogs have been known to be the most faithful creatures on earth till date. This is the biggest reason why majority of the people around the world prefer to keep dogs as their pets. A dog, if tamed properly and given the humblest care by the owner, stays with you for life and assures you of complete protection from all the intruders or dangers of any kind. One feels the safest when you have your pet dog around. But it does not mean that you have to close your eyes and ignore the possible threats that your dog can pose to your existence. By that I mean the dangerous dog attacks that can come up any time if your dog goes mad or feels overly upset with something.

Usually you can expect such brutal attacks from the wild dogs that are not trained to behave well. But your pet dog can also go wild if something makes it feel scared or uneasy. If a dog feels as being given competition for food, shelter or any other basic necessity, it will instantly change its avatar from a loyal pet to the cruelest predator.

You need to make sure that your dog or any wild dog around doesn’t find any reason to attack you suddenly and cause you to seek intense medical care. Try to keep a distance from your dog when it is relaxing in its place. Also make sure that you find a detour from the path where you see a dog wandering around. But if you are forced to face the dog closely by the circumstances, then do observe the following steps to avoid being badly bitten:

  • You are passing by a street and suddenly come across a wild dog, staring constantly at you. Your first step is to put yourself at ease and straighten your posture to make yourself confident and fearless. Keep walking calmly without looking again and again at the dog. If you still feel the dog coming towards you, just stop all the motion and don’t make any noise. Let the dog examine all the circumstances closely and get satisfied that you are not any intruder or any harmful individual. Never try to look at the canine directly in its face! Just try to figure out the expressions of the animal stealthily. If it is not growling at you, it means there is nothing to worry about. Also check for its ears, eyes, tail movement and other bodily clues to judge what the dog is up to.
  • If unfortunately, you are attacked by the dog despite of all the carefulness, you need to make yourself guarded by some external source. Try to find something around you that you can hold up against the pouncing dog. Whatever you have in your hands, a wallet, a handbag or any other rigid item, it will help you to protect yourself against the bite of this animal.
  • If you are unable to find any aid from around you, just stand strong and fight the animal tactically. It is found that dogs are affected greatly if their faces or eyes are damaged. Try to hit at these areas of a dog’s body or any other sensitive areas that you feel can hurt it badly. Don’t waste your time in hitting the animal in its head because they can recover from the head pain quite quickly. Meanwhile make sure that you are shouting loud enough to be heard by anyone passing nearby.
  • Try to keep a gun or a dagger with you always at such a place from where you can access it easily at the time of emergency. A chilli spray or a handful of dust thrown into the eyes of the dog can also work in making the dog quit attacking.
  • If you are still badly injured by this brutal attack, make sure you are closest to the medical aid or can get it as soon as possible. Also while being attacked, make sure to keep your body part under attack rigid enough so that it could not be bitten easily. Keep your sensitive body areas covered and don’t agitate the animal further by making violent movements again and again.

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All these steps are based on a single principle: don’t ever try to prick the instinct of a dog and try to read it before it is too late. A dog can smell the danger coming from quite a distance so don’t smell like something dangerous to your dog. You will compromise your life and well-being if you do so. You can avoid the attacks from the wild dogs by staying away from them but what would you do when your pet turns into an attacker suddenly? Just stay as friendly and neutral with your pet dog as possible. Neither treat it too badly nor give it that extra sweetness that gets too sticky. Also try to learn your pet’s habits with the passage of time so that you can prevent this unfortunate event by preparing for it beforehand.

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