Why should my cat wear a collar and tag?


Why should my cat wear a collar and tag?

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eware pet lovers! This article is specifically directly to educate and aware you about your pet’s safety. It’s a pretty common norm to find pet dogs roaming around with collars around their neck. But have you ever been equally considerate about your pet cat? Have you ever thought of the consequences if your cat is lost in a crowd and has no way to get back to you? Not to mention the hundreds of bucks that you spent on her because you might replace the money but what about the special bond that you have developed with your little companion. Would you let all that go away in the blink of an eye when you used to spend more of your time cuddling your cat, just because you weren’t careful enough on your side? I’m sure not. This is why we intend to impart knowledge about the possible measures that you could take to keep your pet within the circumference of security.

Why Collar and Tag are Important for Cat

For the best interest of your pet and also to stay at peace yourself, the ideal way would be to confine your cat indoor. But accidents are pretty common too. A break in the window might encourage your cat to wander off in the neighborhood. Or what if you wish to go out on a walk with your pet and lose control of the rein. That could be pretty disastrous.

To provide safety to your cat is your priority for sure but the decision that requires significant thought is which safety tool would best suit your pet. Majority of the population would have only heard of pet collars so far but well, the amazing technology never fails to surprise us. Science has left no stones unturned to provide the best for the animals as well.



With your name, address and contact number engraved on a piece of metal by a local pet store or simply written on a piece of paper and plastic coated to be hung around your pet’s neck could do the trick. This step is extremely crucial if you’re outdoors with your pet because you might lose track of it around the entire crowd.


They’re a lot more than a fancy piece of jewelry that makes your cat look cute. In fact it goes a long way in protecting your pet and bringing it back home if it gets lost. A new modification in the design has led to the invention of breakaway collars that unfastens itself when pulled onto. This can prevent your pet from strangling to death on the off chance that the collar gets stuck on a fence or a window. They’re certainly a better choice than the regular ones.


If you’re looking for a solution that lasts a lifetime then get your cat micro chipped.  The procedure is simple and involves insertion of a microchip between the scapula without the aid of anesthesia. Any microchip scanner when passed over the shoulder would be able to display information regarding the pet including the owner’s name and contact number. However, you should also use a tag or collar for your pet even after micro chipping it because the scanner may not be accessible in every locale.


Well we do have an option of identification tattoos but why opt for it when we’ve got simpler and economical options? There’s no need to inflict unnecessary pain on your pet. Besides, a stranger who finds an abandoned animal may not even consider checking every part of its body for hidden tattoos. So collars and tags still top the list.



A study was conducted in the United States and the results clearly stated that only 2% of the lost pets were returned to their owners because of lack of identification. So if you don’t want to lose ties with your beloved pet, make sure you provide it with the safety ticket so he can get back to his home – that’s you. Without this facility, your pet might end up in a shelter home and you’d be devoid of a treasured asset.


What if you’re in a park with your cat and suddenly spot a similar looking cat? A tag, in such an instance, would help differentiate your animal from the other one. And this would also make the job easier for your pet caretakers or cat sitters.


If your cat suffers from a chronic illness, do mention it on the tag so that the animal can get proper veterinary care in case it gets lost. Besides, the bonus point would be the fact that no stranger would want to take a sick animal home as their own pet and there’s a good chance you may be reunited with your little baby cat.

So after reading all above points, I am sure that you will get your cat a collar with tag.

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